11 Celebrity Arrests In 2014 (So Far)

While many average people tend to think of celebrities as people who are somehow better than the rest of us, the fact of the matter is that they are just as human as anyone else, and they rack up their share of mistakes to prove it. We’re a little more than half-way through the year and the ever-growing list of celebs who have found themselves in trouble with the law is already impressive. Here are just a few of them.

#1 Rick Ross


Image Source: DivaDina785

The rapper was picked up in North Carolina for a warrant that was issued as a result of an arrest last year for marijuana possession. Ross discovered first hand what can happen when you fail to show up for a court date. Ross was reportedly cooperative with police and was released on bail.

#2 Shia LeBeouf


Image Source: Victor

June 26, 2014 is probably not a day the young actor will remember fondly. After being locked up for behaving badly during a boozed-up meltdown in New York City, LeBeouf reportedly continued to cause a ruckus behind bars by banging his head against a cell door and pounding on the walls. It was also reported that he let fly with the often-heard “Do you know who I am?” mantra, proving that some celebrities do appear to believe they are better than the rest of us.

#3 Alec Baldwin

Image Source: Viva Vivanista

It’s doubtful that anyone is surprised to hear about this famously out-of-control celeb in handcuffs after getting into a heating verbal confrontation with New York City Police. After being nabbed for riding his bicycle down the street the wrong way, Baldwin took exception to being asked for his identification. Perhaps he thought that the cops should have known who he was without seeing his ID.

#4 Paul Simon and Edie Brickell


Image Source: georgia

Proving once again that the rich and famous have problems like the rest of us, both halves of the musical couple were arrested at their Connecticut home back in April after an alleged domestic dispute. Since the cops that were called to the house saw evidence that they both engaged in violent behavior, they were both hauled off to jail.

#5 Judge Joe Brown


Image Source: Public Affairs

Apparently, some judges don’t like having to stand on the other side of the bench. This was demonstrated by former TV judge Joe Brown who was in court on matters related to child support back in March. The TV judge, whose show was canceled in 2013, reportedly became a bit belligerent with the presiding judge, and was sentenced to five days in jail for contempt of court.

#6 Chris Brown


Image Source: Eva Rinaldi

This tatted-up tough guy who apparently likes to beat up on women found himself in trouble again after being busted for violating his probation. His probationary status was a result of his 2009 conviction for assaulting pop star Rihanna, whom he was involved in a relationship with at the time.

#7 George Lopez


Image Source: Seth Anderson

As a comedian, Lopez has garnered himself a reputation as a pretty funny guy. He probably wasn’t feeling to jovial after his arrest at a casino in Canada back in February after passing out on the floor. Lopez reportedly had a little too much to drink, but it seems he didn’t give to cops too much trouble since he was later released and not charged.

#8 Young Thug


Image Source: Matt Lemmon

Quite frankly, we were not even sure who this guy was, but with a name like Young Thug, it may be assumed that this is the kind of publicity this guy craves. Thug, whose real name is a much-less-tough-sounding Jeffrey Williams, was stopped by police in Atlanta for a traffic violation in February. That led to more serious charges such as possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, which we can probably safely assume means he had some weed or other drugs on him at the time.

#9 Chris Kattan

Image Source: Ash90291

February was not a good month for celebrities and former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Kattan managed to land himself in trouble after an eventful drive on California’s 101 freeway. Kattan reportedly struck a Department of Transportation vehicle from behind with his vehicle and was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

#10 Justin Bieber


Image Source: Hot Gossip Italia

You just knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Bieber kicked up his heels a little too high back in January while hanging out in Miami Florida. After facing off with a friend for a street race in his Lamborghini, cops busted the pop superstar for driving while intoxicated. He was also charged with driving without a license and resisting arrest after he allegedly gave arresting officers a bit of a verbal lashing.

#11 David Cassidy


Image Source: steve

Cassidy, the one-time pop star centerpiece of The Partridge Family, was busted by Los Angeles police for driving under the influence of alcohol back in January. Cassidy was convicted for the same offence in both New York and Florida, which probably influenced the judge to sentence Cassidy to five years of probation, order him to complete a 9-month alcohol education program, and send him to a residential rehab facility for 90 days.