10 Signs You’re Are About To Be Fired

Work, work, work… It’s all a little bit too much… work, right? Well, yes, but we need our jobs to live, and one of the most heartbreaking and life changing things is losing your job. Fortunately, most of us have stable enough jobs that we’ll never hear the words “you’re fired”, but sometimes a company will do everything in its power to make your position untenable, causing you to no longer be employed! Here are 10 Signs You’re About To Be Fired.

10. Your colleagues seem to be doing more work than you

This one might seem a little bit strange, but, if you suddenly feel like your workload has decreased over the last few weeks or days, and your colleagues are suddenly working late and doing more work, it could be that they are all taking on a portion of the job you are doing. It could be a way for the management to compartmentalise the department or some kind of money saving scheme, but either way, it looks like you may soon be out of a job.