10 Amazing Facts About Our Technological World

If only our ancestors could see the things we are doing today! Imagine showing someone from the 18th century a smartphone or an Xbox! Few among them would probably consider it anything other than witchcraft, or some other kind of evil magic. In the 21st century, it seems most of us are connected 24-hours-a-day, and never more than a button-push or touch screen tap away from our friends or the latest news of the world. Just how connected are we? Consider these 10 technology-related facts.

1. Always Searching


Google, just one search engine, albeit the largest one, performs an average of one billion searches per day. What might be even more amazing is that some 20 percent (give or take a few) are searches that have never been done before. That’s right – around 20% of searches have never been performed by anybody else, ever. Crazy, but true!